Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Handmade Holiday Ornament Exchange

Hi everyone! It's November, which means that the Holiday season is drawing near, are you freaking out yet? ;)

Anyway, that means that we are getting closer to our annual Holiday Party here at Anacapa Fine Yarns! For more info about this event, click here. This year we are doing something a little different, we are adding in a fun Handmade Holiday Ornament Exchange! If you want to participate, bring a gift-wrapped handmade ornament, it'll be a lot of fun!

You don't have to knit or crochet your ornament, if you have other crafts you want to employ, but if you do want to craft your ornament from yarn, I thought I'd share some ideas for you here.

First off, we have this cute little book in the shop; "Twenty to Make Mini Christmas Knits".

There are some cute little things in this book, Turkeys, Stockings, Wreaths, Snowmen, and more! This book is $9.95, and I'm sure anyone would be delighted by a gift knit from it!

There are also a ton of free patterns out there for ornaments. Here's a link to a Ravelry search for free ornament patterns. I thought I'd share with you some of my favorites:

Stjarna by Karolina Eckerdal:

Balls Up! by General Hogbuffer:

Snowman Ornament by Audra Brown:

Acorn Ornament by Carmen Rigby-Willson:

Crochet Snowflake by Lucy of Attic24:

And one more; the Miniature Knitting Bag Ornament by Family Circle:
What a cute way to use up bits and scraps of yarn!

I hope this helped, or inspired you to participate in our Handmade Holiday Ornament Exchange! See ya then!