Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer tops and sweaters!

Summer is on it's way, which means it's time to knit! I know, knitting seams like a cold weather craft, but with all the wonderful fibers out there these days, knitting is now a year round activity! Berroco is probably my favorite yarn company, they have so many amazing yarns, and lots of great summery yarns.

Cotton and linen combine to make wearable, comfortable, and breathable tops for warm weather. A new Berroco yarn "Linsey" is 64% Cotton and 36% Linen, and knits up into the most wonderful fabric. Karin used it for her sample for her upcoming Top Down Henley class, and she loved wearing it!
From Anacapa Knits

I love the way the fabric feels, I think i'll need to knit something for myself with it! And the beauty of linen is the more you wash and wear it, the softer it will get.

Berroco has a great pattern book for Linsey, including this cute fair-isle yoke pullover:
From Anacapa Knits

Another good yarn from Berroco is "Weekend", a cotton/acrylic blend that makes it warm weather appropriate and easy care. They have a worsted and a chunky weight of this yarn, and a new booklet featuring both weights of yarn and this cute cabled vest:
From Anacapa Knits

Another summery Berroco yarn is Pure Pima, a 100% cotton yarn appropriate for garments as well as accessories. They have a lot of free patterns on their website for this yarn, and it is featured in the Berroco book "Norah Gaughan Vol. 4 for a lovely top called "Flower Child".

One last Berroco yarn (they have so many awesome yarns!) is "Origami", a cotton/acrylic/nylon/linen blend. This yarn has great color and texture, and so many cute patterns too (I love Concur!). From their pattern book, Bellambie is pretty stylin':
From Anacapa Knits

Stop by the shop and feel these yarns, and check out the samples too! Have a wonderful day!

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