Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dyeing with Food Coloring, part three

This ball was done more in my usual color choices - blues, purples, and greens. Following is the finished object from this ball of hand dyed yarn.

Choosing colors can be a little scary, but if you stick with what you know that you like, then you are pretty  safe from surprise. Surprises may still come but they are probably going to be in a realm that you are ok with. If you find safety is boring, then try something in opposition to your usual favorites.

The yarn is again Ultra Alpaca Light, this time in a light gray base. The pattern is Scallop Lace Hat by Leah Coccari-Swift.

So, if this yarn has peaked your interest, remember that you could join me for a Dyeing with Food Coloring class on Saturday, Mar. 2 for 12-3pm.

Happy Needling,

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