Saturday, June 29, 2013

More Mystery Has Been Solved

This shawl pattern is the place for building your visual stitch literacy. The 6 row and 6 stitch repeat with their shift following each repeat are a great place to keep your eyes peeled for how things are supposed to line up. That shift does make using markers in this pattern challenging. Thanks to fellow knitter, Jenn Almy (who is fully up to date and fin with clue 3),  I placed markers to mark the edge and the center stitches. I decided not to place them for the 6 st. repeats, but you could place them as you work row 1 and then remove them as you work row 6.

For the sake of full disclosure, I am only half way done with this clue. I believe that Lois is in about the same place. Terry says she is just a row or two away from finishing off. If you see Karin at the store this weekend, ask her how she is doing.
Lydia Hawley rocked this week and fully finished the clue 3 work.

Lynn Olson showed me her progress as of Sunday morning, less than 24 hours since the clue was released. I am in love with the yarn protector that a midwife employs, a sweet little newborn cap.

And, here is mine, late Friday afternoon, the first moment this week that I had time to take a look at the work ahead. Before I began the new section, I placed a lifeline and continued to place them following every repeat of 6 rows, making it easier to keep count of the 8 repeats of chart B.

Happy Needling,

P.S. Please feel free to share you progress pics here in the comments or email them to us to share on your behalf. Thanks!

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