Friday, June 21, 2013

Welcome Summer!

Today is June 21st, a day I have been excited about all month, because today is officially the first day of summer! Yay! I love summer time!

Today I wanted to write a quick post for you all about some of the classes we have left on our schedule that will be fun to make in these summer months! I know summer can mean a bit of a lull in your knitting and crocheting, either because the warmer weather isn't the ideal time to be working on that wool sweater or lap blanket you already have on your needles, or because you just want to be outside doing other hobbies instead of knitting and crocheting (beach anyone??) but I'm sure you can find something from my list below to get you inspired!

Knitting Classes

Create a Summer Bag - Design as you go!
One Session-Sunday, June 23, 10 to 4 pm; $60 (with a break for lunch), supplies not included. Skill Level: Lamb. Instructor: Brecia Kralovic-Logan
"Let the yarn dance on your needles as you create a summer bag filled with circles, curves and organic shapes. Learn how to build the fabric using basic knitting skills and creative knitting techniques and let your personal style shine through your one of a kind bag. Brecia will share ideas for shaping, reinforcing, and lining your bag as well as handle and finishing choices.  A great way to use small bits of yarn- play with the colors and textures you love."
Why this is great summer knitting: Because creative knitting is a fun, carefree style or knitting that doesn't require you to adhere to a pattern, let your inner artist shine through!

Strandwanderer Scarf

Two Sessions-Wednesday, July 10 and 24, 6 to 8 pm; $40, supplies not included. Skill level: Alpaca. Instructor: Terry Hagerman

"Strandwanderer by Lea Viktoria is a slightly asymmetrical triangular scarf. It's great for those handpainted skeins of yarn that look beautiful in the skein but tend to pool when knit. The alternating horizontal and vertical direction of the knitting gives the scarf an ikat look."

Why this is great summer knitting: You might be thinking "Why would I wear, let alone knit, a scarf in the summer?" Well if you, like me, live near the beach, it often gets gloomy, or chilly in the evenings. Just because it's summertime here in Ventura, that doesn't guarantee warm weather! This piece is small enough to fit in your beach bag for knitting by the waves, and fun to make! The result is the perfect accessory to throw with a t-shirt and jeans or a cute summer dress!

Customizing Patterns for a Perfect Fit
One Session-Saturday, August 3, Noon to 3pm; $50, supplies not included. Skill level: Alpaca. Instructor: Wendy Bernard

"In this class, we will create our own personal schematic and unleash our inner designer by comparing ours to patterns we want to knit--so that they actually fit. Everyone has a different body and sometimes it is hard to decide what size to knit and how to adapt a pattern so that, for example, the waist shaping is customized so it fits properly. Wendy will talk about how schematics work, how to create your own blueprint and how to compare yours to the pattern's schematic and what steps to take to get a custom fit. She will discuss Ease, and how to deal with situations where your measurements don't "fit" the schematic and steps to take to make adjustments necessary so you end up with a wearable and fantastic garment."

Why this is a great summer class: To prepare you for all those sweaters you'll want to knit when the cooler weather rolls around!

Intro to DPNs- Easy Wristwarmers
One Session-Saturday, August 31, 12:30 to 3:30 pm; $30, supplies not included. Skill Level: Lamb. Instructor: Kaity Fraker

"Does working with DPNs scare you? Have no fear, in this class we will overcome that fear and have a cute pair of fingerless mitts to show for it! These simple mitts are a great place to start if you've never ventured beyond a scarf."

Why this is great summer knitting: These wristwarmers are small, portable projects, and you can whip up a few pair for when the weather turns cooler!

Crochet Classes

Flower Potholder
One Session-Tuesday, July 30, 6 to 9 pm; $30, supplies not included. Skill Level: Sheep. Instructor: Elisa Purnell

"A modern take on a traditional European pattern, these double-sided potholders will brighten any home. Make them in cotton for heat-resistance, or in acrylic/wool for a decorative look. In class we'll discuss color variations and design interpretations (kaleidoscope, anyone?) of this classic. Bet you can't make just one!"

Why this is great summer crocheting: Because it's the cutest potholder ever! Make a bunch in all different colors and stockpile them for holiday gift giving!

Seraphina Shawl
One Session-Tuesday, August 27, 6 to 9 pm; $30, supplies not included. Skill Level: Sheep. Instructor: Elisa Purnell 

"This lacy design uses rapid increases over the first several rows to form a batwing shape that drapes nicely over the shoulders and stays in place. The pattern for this triangular beauty is easily memorized and you'll be flying through this one in no time."

Why this is great summer crocheting: This is another good accessory to have nearby to throw over your shoulders!

Any "Block-a-Month" Class!
Our crochet instructor is offering 2 different sets of classes featuring a different block each month. There is a tunisian set of Block-a-Month classes, and a traditional crochet set of Block-a-Month classes. Click here to learn more about these classes.

Why this is great summer crocheting: Because you can work on an afghan without the weight of it sitting on your lap! These blocks would be great take-a-long projects as well, small enough to fit in your purse, so you could work on them anywhere.

If you have any questions about any of our classes, visit our website or give us a call! Happy summer!

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