Monday, July 15, 2013

Traveling Knitter Works Out the Clues

I did miss posting last week as I was in the midst of a 15 hour drive to the Oregon coast when I would have normally been composing my paragraphs. (This story is a true cover for the fact that I still had 2 repeats of Clue 4's chart C when we departed.)
I was very happy, after the 48 rows included in clue 4, to enjoy the simplicity of the 12 rows in clue 5's chart D.
As for Clue 6, be sure that you have the most updated version of chart E (emailed on Monday morning). Are you having any trouble deciding if you should do E and F or just F? Later in the week I will update you on how to figure the percent of yarn that you have to the percentage of shawl completed or left to do. Basically, you add up the total stitches of the completed rows and the completed shawl and compare what percentage of the whole total of stitches in the shawl. I have 39g of yarn left before choosing an edging. If I wanted to do both charts, then I would have to have completed 61% of the total stitches and have 39% (or less) of that total ahead of me.
Here we are at the very cloudy shore line of Lincoln City, Oregon. The children squished Kevin's sand castles 

This beach is the sunny offering from the Coos Bay area. I still had 3 rows of the last repeat of chart C to do.

Finally, finished with all of the repeats of chart C and the easy work of chart D.

Above and below, I am still celebrating having caught up on all of the published clues to that point.

Happy Needling,

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