Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 19 of 52: Saroyan Scarf

So, I am again late. I guess that is going to happen from time to time (hopefully, not for a long time from here on). Guess that simply means that you will have to hurry in to take advantage of this shortened sale.
I love this beauty - the yarn and the pattern all together. I was already a big, big fan of Liz Abinante's designs, having made a Traveling Woman last summer. I found both these patterns equal parts of engaging, smart simplicity, approachable to many levels of skill, and loveliness. This Misti Alpaca Pima Silk  Hand Paint  is a perfect one skein indulgence for Saroyan (named for  character in a favorite show, Bones).
Week of October 7 to 13:
Pattern: Saroyan by Liz Abinante
Yarn:  Misti Alpaca Pima Silk Hand Paint (327 yds/100g, 83% Pima Cotton, 27% Silk)
Needles: US 10/6mm (a straight because I like making scarves on straight needles)
Knitting Plan: 
Night 1: Work 6 increase sections (they are only 14 rows each).
Night 2: Work 5 straight sections.
Night 3: same as night 2.
Night 4: work 6 decrease sections.
a) Gauge is only important in something that doesn't have to fit specific body part if you want to make sure that you yardage will go the difference. If you don't want to check your gauge, she has included a handy drawing for how much yarn gets used in each section. I got gauge using the needles called for in the pattern and checked the weight of yarn along the way to ensure that this hank would make it. Did so without any worry and achieved an airy, drapey fabric.
b)When you are following a pattern that has a quite a list of rows, you may find that a post it note is your very best friend. I was really excited to get a sample of these Avery sticky notes that are see through like the highlighter tape is. It was pretty cool for doing its job and I could be lazy about scooting it down as I could see the next row.
c) In the increase section and the decrease section, rows 3 and 11 in each section are worked without doing a respective increase or decrease. So, I highlighted them as a blaring reminder that they are different.
d) On row 14, you decrease very quickly by doing a p2tog(purl 2 together, to finish shaping the leaf tip) and then bind off the next 3 sts. So, work the p2tog and then knit 1 - this pair makes the first of the 3 bind offs. This may be too obvious to state but I felt that it was worth examining.

If you are viewing this post far from driving distance from our store, then please remember that we will happily take phone orders. Here is color card. Call us @ (805) 654-9500. (There will be a postage charge for shipping.) Also, I want to mention that we have refined the 10%off sale to apply when you are buying the yarn for the featured project.
P.S. If this idea really lights you up, then you can also join a ravelry group here.

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