Thursday, May 10, 2012

Celebrate Mom!

Hi Knitters! As I'm sure all of you know, Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 13th! If you mom is a knitter, or even an aspiring knitter, we can help you pick the perfect gift for her! Here area couple of ideas for a nice knitterly gift at a couple of different price ranges. Hopefully this helps you in your quest for the perfect gift!

1. Books!

Moms love books! Pick a super pretty book like "Faith, Hope, Love, Knitting" ($24.95) to grace her coffee table, "Mother-Daughter Knits" ($29.95) or "My Grandmother's Knitting" ($22.50) for that family vibe, or "The Principles of Knitting" ($45) for hard-core knitting mamas!

2. Needle Sets!

If you mom is just venturing into the land of knitting, or if she has been knitting since you where tiny, needle sets make great gifts, and you know she'll get lots of use out of them. My favorites are from Knitter's Pride. I like this set of straight needles ($73), and also their pretty Deluxe Interchangable Set ($82.50)!

3. Knit-Out Box ($31)

These pretty and nifty little gifts hold your ball of yarn to keep it from rolling all over the place, and keeps it safe and sound in a pretty little fabric box.

4. Yarn, of course!

Every knitter wants more yarn (whether they "need" it or not is another story...) My favorite new ones around here are Findley from Juniper Moon Farm ($25), which is a 50/50 merino wool and silk blend, 798 yards per skein! Another nice new yarn is Malabrigo Finito ($15.25), which is 100% Superfine Merino wool, 200 yards per skein, and it's super soft!!

5. Chic-a Bags

I love Chic-a bags, they are made out of oil cloth so they are nice ans sturdy, and so cute! They make a couple different bag styles, but they repeat the fabrics so you could get a whole set in matching prints. I like their Blossom Bags ($28), Quick-Draw Bags ($18.50), and their Clear-Front zippered pouches ($13).

6. Shawl Pins

We have a nice selection of shawl pins that would pair well with a hand-knit shawl (hint hint...)

7. Gift Card!

The old go-to! If you mom is itching to get started knitting, she could use her gift card to buy herself a Beginning Knitting Class or anything else her heart desires!

I hope this helped, and I'll see you soon! Happy Mother's Day!
<3: Kaity

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