Thursday, August 9, 2012

Gentleman's Frippery

Lorna's Laces new colors are part of a collection called "Gentleman's Frippery", all great colors for guys, or girls!

Here's Waistcoat:

This is a really nice dark teal-blue color. I like that this is an almost solid color, so it would be great for cables, lace, or a texture pattern.

Cummerbund is a kind of orangey-red color, another semi-solid colorway. I really like the warm tones, and I think it would combine well with the next color!

Pocket Square:
I love this multi! It's Taupey grey/brown, orange, grey/blue, and a rusty red color. Manly, but I think it's quite pretty!

Bow Tie:
Navy, grey/brown, and rusty red. More of a subdued colorway, a very handsome one!

Golden yellow, taupe, cream, and navy. This colorway is a little brighter, I think the cream color really livens it up!

And last, Ascot:
Greens! I know my Gentleman would love this particular colorway, and I think it would still work to shop a stitch pattern!

All these pictures are of Lorna's Laces Solemate, but we also have these colors in their worsted weight superwash; Shepherd's Worsted.

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