Sunday, August 19, 2012

Royal Petites

We love Blue Sky Alpacas here at Anacapa Fine Yarns. They make great yarns, and what I really appreciate about them is that they really put a lot of thought into turning your knitting time into an experience! They really know how to get me, cute packaging! You have to see their new "Royal Petites" line, it's to die for!

First, they have a gorgeous new 100% Royal Alpaca yarn, these are such little beauties!
Each ball is 100 yards of luscious alpaca goodness. You have to come into the shop just to pet it, it's so soft!

They've also designed these adorable little patterns to go with the yarn. There's the Empress Set, Mintini Mitts, Countess Mitts, and the Westminster Hat. All are cute designs, but check out how the patterns come:

You get a beautiful pattern folded up in it's little envelope with a big picture of the design on one side and the pattern on the other, and you also get a tiny print of the Alpacas that your yarn comes from. How cute is that?? The whole line is so vintage and adorable, I can't take it!

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