Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Anacapa Fine Yarns Eweniversity 2014!

If you follow us on Facebook (which you should!) or if you are registered for our Newsletter (which you should be!) then you have probably already heard about how we opened up registration yesterday for this year's Eweniversity!

The Anacapa Fine Yarns Eweniversity is an all day event on Saturday, April 26th. Eweniversity is like our version of a Knitting and Crocheting University (EWE-niversity... get it?) Anyway... We will be offering 34 different hour long classes all day long, and will be teaching fun techniques in Knitting and Crochet, as well as mini project classes, and lots more!

This is our 3rd year doing this event, and each year it gets bigger and better! If you want to see pictures from last year's Eweniversity, Click Here.

Here is our Schedule for this year:

You can find descriptions, prices, and more info on our website. Click Here.

We hope you decide to join us this year, we will have lots of fun! Be sure to pick your classes and register soon, we are filling up fast!

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