Saturday, April 19, 2014

Eweniversity Class Spotlight - Judy's Magic Cast On

I hope you all are enjoying my series here on these great Eweniversity classes we have to offer, to check out posts from previous days, click below!
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Today we are going to talk about Judy's Magic Cast On, which really seems to be magic!

3-4pm Judy's Magic Cast On with Karin. Skill Level: Sheep
"This is one of most versatile provisional cast ons, and my favorite for those times when I need to keep live stitches ready.  Besides working toe-up socks, you can use JMCO to work a hemmed edge, or for a top-down beanie, and many other applications."

If you need a cast on that results in live stitches on each side rather than just on the one, this is a great one to learn. It is also perfect as a provisional cast on. It's easy to use and easy to knit from. Most pattern you'll see that use it are toe-up socks, because it gives a neat and tidy invisible cast on at the beginning of the toe, but I wanted to show you some other projects besides socks that utilize it!

Cabled iPad Sleeve by haramis Designs:
Here the magic cast on is used along the bottom of the case to give a seamless look, and to eliminate the need to sew it up at the end.

Flat Pack by A. Karen Alfke:
This cute backpack pattern is from a book called "Beyond Toes" by Judy Becker; the inventor of Judy's Magic Cast On! Beyond Toes is all about projects that use this cast on in things other than socks, and we have this book in stock here in the shop, so if you take the class and want to try out this cast on with other things, there are a lot of great projects in it. Here's another from "Beyond Toes":

Leaves A Fall'n by Chris Church:

If you are interested in any of the classes I've been mentioning here, or any of the other great classes on our schedule, give us a call and register soon!

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