Friday, April 18, 2014

Eweniversity Class Spotlight - Plarn-o-Rama!

Hi everyone! Welcome to day 3 of my Eweniversity Class Spotlight series. Each day is a new post highlighting a class in our Eweniversity that isn't sold out yet, and I give examples of how you can use what you learn in that class in your knitting and crocheting life! For previous posts, click here or here.

Today I am going to be talking about PLARN! You may be wondering "what the heck is plarn?" Good question! Plarn stands for plastic yarn, or yarn made out of recycled plastic.

2-3pm Plarn-o-Rama: Knitting with Recycled Plastic with Brecia. Skill Level: Lamb
"Discover the tricks to working with "Plarn" ( plastic yarn) and recycle your plastic bags into fun carry-alls for the beach or  shopping. Learn how to cut a plastic bag into continuous knitting material and then save the planet one bag at a time!"

With all the hype these days with using recycled and reusable grocery bags, wouldn't it be fun to make some of your own? Put all those plastic bags you have under your sink to good use, and keep them out of landfills! Here are some projects you can make with your Plarn!

Crocheted Grocery Bag Purse by Michelle Molis:

Plarn Pot Cover

I hope this helped you think outside of the box (or bag!) and see all those plastic bags you have around in a new light! If you are interested in taking this class, please give us a call and register soon!

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