Thursday, May 22, 2014

Organize It - Needle and Hook Edition!

Hi everyone! I hope you enjoyed my post yesterday about organizing your stash! Today, let's get those needles and hooks organized!

If you have lots of circular needles, you can do like I do, and keep them in a 3-ring binder. I have a sleeve marked for each size needle, and I just slip them in the top and keep them all in one place! I just have to remember to put them back!

A similar idea would be to use that CD organizer that I'm betting you have in your Car!

This spool organizer would look cute hanging in your craft room!

If you've got a bunch of straight needles, find a cute vase or pot and display them! This would be great on a coffee table, or on your desk!

Here's a link on how to crochet a holder for your crochet hooks! Roll them up and keep them neatly in one place.

 Or get yourself a paintbrush roll and sort your needles out! One like this can fit crochet hooks, DPNs, and long straights.

And if you like the above idea but want to get a little fancy, we sell these silk knitting needle holders from Lantern Moon here at the shop, they look pretty and are super practical too!

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