Thursday, June 9, 2011

Knitting on the go!

Today I want to talk (or type, I guess) about knitting on the go. I bring my knitting with me everywhere I go so I can knit for a few minutes on my lunch break, when I'm waiting in line somewhere (DMV, anyone??), or any other place where I'm stuck and bored.

I usually try and have a smaller project with me, and knit on larger projects at home. Who wants to lug a big sweater project around with them everywhere they go? Well, I've done that, but I have no sense.

Anyway, I wanted to mention my favorite kinds of projects for on-the-go and my favorite ways to transport them. First up; Hats!
Here's one I made out of one of my favorite yarns, Cascade Eco Wool.

Depending on your confidence level, choose a basic stockinette stitch hat (Anne's 56 stitch hat would be a perfect take-along project), or something with a little more action like the cabled hat pictured above.

Hats are perfect to take with you because they are small, quick to knit, and easy enough that you don't always need to be looking at your pattern!

Next, Socks!
I loved knitting these out of Dream in Color "Smooshy"!

Socks are perfect for on the go, and my favorite thing to take with my in my purse. I know that non-sock knitters will scoff when I say this, but Socks are small, portable, and quick to knit. Once you make a couple of pairs, you'll be able to knit a pair without having to check your pattern every minute. Plain stockinette stitch socks are probably best for on-the-go knitting, and are my favorite to knit (and wear), but a simple pattern like Thuja or even Froot Loop would be fun.

And Cowls are great too:
I know this one is kinda silly, but I like it! Plus, it's knit from Malabrigo Merino Worsted!
Whether or not you want your cowl to have a mustache on it is up to you, but cowls can be soooo easy to knit. I've knit the Gloria cowl quite a few times, it takes almost no time! Knit it out of something fabulous and soft, and you'll have to perfect gift knit (or keep it for yourself if you're greedy like me!).

Whatever project you decide to take with you, make sure it's simple and small. You'll want to be able to pick it up, knit a few stitches, and put it back away without fear for losing your place. I tend to just throw my project in my purse, but a simple drawstring bag works well too!

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