Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weeks 31 and 32 of 52: Flower Scarf and Slippery Hat

In the course of choosing my yarns, I ended up making a kind of pretty coordinating set. Both are lots of fun to make.
The Flower Scarf is a really lovely way to try out an easier way to get a basic brioche look by doing the fisherman rib. This rib uses a technique called knit one below, which , if you like, there is a whole book filled with lovely things using it, Knit One Below by Elise Duvekot.

Project: Flower Scarf by Robyn Diliberto
Yarn: 1 hank of  Classic Elite Fresco (164yds/50g, 60% Wool, 30% Alpaca, 10% Angora)
Needles: US 5/3.75mm; a 32" circular needle should cover all of your needs for this project.
a) I decided to skip any of the crochet steps (edging the scarf and the buttonhole).
b) If you don't have any fiberfill handy for stuffing the button, then you could use a cotton ball. The button will seem a bit large to fit into the center of the flower, but it is squishy and fits well.
c) I used all my ends for securing both the button an the flower, working as a great jump start for weaving in ends.
d) When you are working your flower, I recommend using magic loop for your needling. As you work the outer rounds, you will not have much room to maneuver; so, you can let out a extra lengths of cable wherever it will make things more comfortable.

I have been itching to make something fun and crisp out of the great colors of Noro Kureyon. This hat, the Slippery hat, fulfilled that itch for the time being. Kureyon is not at all soft, but it is warm and beautiful. It is the sort of yarn that you use to make a hat that will warm the head of one who will appreciate its woolly goodness.

Project: Slippery Hat by Anne Lecrivain-Cozzoli
Yarn: 1 ball of Noro Kureyon (100% Wool, 110yds/50g)
Needles: US 5/3.75mm and US 9/5.5mm, 16" circulars, and US 9/5.5mm DPNs
Size: Fits a 20-22" head.
With smaller needle, CO 96.
Rounds 1-6: *K1, P1, repeat from * around
Round 7-12: With larger needle, *sl 1 wyif, K11, pm, repeat from * around.
Note: once the markers are placed in on Round 7, just slip them along as you come upon them.
Round 13-18: *K6, sl 1 wyif, K5, repeat from * around.
Repeat rounds 7-18 two more times.
Decrease rounds:
Round 1: *K10, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Round 2: *K9, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Round 3: *K8, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Round 4: *K7, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Round 5: *K6, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Round 6: *K5, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Round 7: *K4, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Round 8: *K3, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Round 9: *K2, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Round 10: *K1, K2tog, repeat from * around.
Round 11: *K2tog, repeat from * around.
Cut a tail (or use the tail that remains) and thread remaining stitches onto the tail and pull it up tight like pulling on a drawstring. Weave in the ends and enjoy!
© 2012 Anne Lecrivain-Cozzoli For Personal use only. Do not duplicate or distribute. Items made from this pattern should not be for resale, but can be used for charitable contribution or fundraising.

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