Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kenzie KAL Progress - Week 3!

So, the first half of the Kenzie Knit-a-long is finished, and here's what my cowl looks like so far:

The second section involved a mosaic slip-stitch pattern which was a little hard for me to get into the rhythm of, but once I did a few repeats, the knitting was easy and quick. I must confess, I'm not completely finished with the second clue (oops!), I still have about an inch of knitting left to do before I start the third clue, which was posted this morning.

The third clue can be found here, along with all the other Knit-a-Long clues. Remember- this is a free Knit-a-Long, no need to pay for a pattern! Just grab 4 colors of Kenzie that you like and get to knitting! I'll check in with you all again next week to show you what the third clue looked like, and to get to work on the fourth and final clue!

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