Sunday, July 10, 2011

How-to Mondays- Decreases!

Hi everyone! Sorry for the lack of How-to Mondays in the last couple of weeks, I had jury duty and then I went to a Family Reunion over 4th of July, but I'm back and today we're going to learn about decreases, specifically SSKs vs. K2togs. These are the two most common decreases in knitting, and we're going to learn the difference between the two and a couple different ways to execute them. I hope you like it and learn something new!

This was a requested video! If you have something that you'd like me to film for and upcoming How-To Monday, leave a comment below! Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kaity,
That was a great video, I didn't know the last SSK that you did.
Maybe you could do a companion video on some different ways of increasing?
Robin Tuttlemaguire

Kaity said...

Sure, thanks Robin!