Thursday, December 16, 2010

Countdown to Knitmas: Day 16!

So now you know the Spit Splice. Did you use it in the last couple of days?

Next, I want to bring you the Russian Join. I can't track down where I originally saw a little blurb about this join and almost no knitting references include it in their instructions. As I have shared this technique in groups, I have learned that there are little tweaks on it, as with every knitting skill. I present to you the way I like to do it.

1. Stop knitting when you have about 10" to 12" left on your old ball.
2. Load either the new end or the old end into a tapestry needle.
3. You will now sew one end into the other using a simple running stitch. Really work your way in between the fibers. Keep sewing in until you have about a 4" section of sewn overlapping yarn. 4. Holding all four tails (old end + new working end in one hand and new tail +old working end in the other), pull them away from each other to tighten the join. Think of pulling on a finger trap to escape unsuccessfully.
5. Knit with the newly joined strand as though it were continuous and just push the tails that are dangling to the wrong side.

The interesting thing about this join is that it doesn't feel like double thickness once you have it all worked in. I usually weave in the tails just for extra good measure when it comes to the finishing, but I have a sneaking suspicion that you may be able to clip the tails right up close without any extra attention. I have only tried that bold clipping on a scarf that won't be experiencing a ton of wear and tear. On garments, I haven't hazarded to try the clip and run.
Now that you are familiar with these two joining methods, wander into the shop and ask Terry about how she combines the two.

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