Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Countdown to Knitmas: Day 7!

Let's get cozy! Last night, I made myself a cozy for my digital camera, and it took me about half an hour! Now, I'm gonna show you how to make your own!

You'll need any kind of yarn, it really doesn't matter. I used a little bit of leftover Cascade 220,
I've also used leftover bits of Noro Kureyon. You'll need a crochet hook that matches your yarn, I used a size G. Also, you need something to cover: a camera, cell phone, iPod, heck, even a laptop if you're feeling crazy!

To start, crochet a chain that is just a smidge longer than half of your electronic device (for my camera, that was 10 chains):

Chain 1 more, and single crochet across the top of each chain across the row:

Turn, and single crochet across the bottom of the chain back to where you started the round:

Now, work a single crochet into the first single crochet stitch we made:

And continue working a single crochet in each single crochet, around and around in a spiral:

Continue until the piece reaches the top of the electronic device when you try it on, stopping at the side of a long edge:

Now, slip stitch across to the center of the device:

Work a crochet chain long enough to reach across the top of the device and back, leaving room for a button (mine was about 14 chain stitches):

Slip stitch in the same stitch that the chain came from to join it to the other side:


Weave in your ends, sew on a button, and you're done! Get Cozy!

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