Thursday, August 18, 2011

Something new to do with Triana...

Many of us have been having a lot of fun making scarves with the new Flounce and Triana yarns by Katia. I especially like the meshiness (new word) of Triana, and thought that a scarf didn't really show it off. I turned it on its side, and started working it into a spiral. It was so fun, I couldn't stop. I created the Kelp Forest Shawlette- This circular shawl spirals out like a nautilus, and creates a really lovely ruffled edge; while showing off the lacy netting of the yarn -  It's an easy freebie; I hope that you like it.

Kelp Forest Shawlette
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2 balls Triana by Katia (33yds/100g), US11 (8mm) needles, sewing needle and matching thread.

Begin Pattern:

Prep row: Spread out the end of the tape. The tape will have one end that is thin, and one end that is a bit wider. Hold it so that the “thin” end is to the right.
Insert the tip of your right needle in each hole in the mesh of the tape from right to left (4 sts picked up). Then, spread the wider section open, and insert right tip into one of the smaller holes (5 sts on right needle).
Turn work so that this needle is now in your left hand, inserting other needle into all sts knit wise. Pick up the next hole on the thin side with your fingers, loop it onto the needle, and pull it through all the sts. Turn, and place needle back into right hand.

Basically you will knit a st, and bind off a st. - over and over in a spiral until all loops have been used up. Here's how -

Spread the wider side of the tape open with your left hand, insert tip of right needle approximately ½ in. (1.5 cm) from the st. on the needle (this doesn't have to be exact). Pick up the next loop from the thin side, and make a knit st. Bind off previous st. keep spreading out the tape as you need for each hole. Repeat until all loops on first ball are knitted, and one st. remains on right needle.
Spread out the end of the tape on the next ball. Pick up the first hole on the thin side and continue to knit it through the wider end, continuing approximately ½ in. (1.5 cm) from last st knitted.
Use sewing needle and matching thread to sew loops and last st to spiral, approximately ½ in. (1.5 cm) from final st. Voila! Fini!

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