Friday, August 19, 2011

Week 12 of 52: Clara Parkes' One Skein Shawl

To begin, I would like to actually call this a One hundred Gram shawl rather than a One Skein Shawl, as I am using two hanks of Manos del Uraguay Silk Blend. This shawl is a great recipe for a delicious indulgence in a fun yarn, either for color or content or both. I think that I might be making one up whenever we get new colors of Manos; I always daydream about the luxury of a whole cuddly sweater in this yarn, and now I have a go to project to lightly indulge that cuddling daydream.

Week of August 19 through 25
Project: One Skein Shawl by Clara Parkes
Yarn: Manos del Uraguay Silk Blend, 2 hanks of 150yds/50g
Needles: US 15/10.0mm
Knitting Plan:
Let's make this project a three night tour.
Night 1 - CO and watch your shawl grow so very swiftly. Work on it until you are sleepy.
Night 2 - Continue as established, getting through the rest of the first ball and then at least a few rows of the second ball. As your shawl is still growing very fast, be sure to put yourself to bed at a decent hour.
Night 3 - Finish the second ball, work the last 6 rows in the simple lace, and BO.
a)With its 5 sts, the first row of this shawl establishes 5 sections: an edge st., a body section, the center st., a body section, and an edge st. Place markers on either side of the center st at the very least; you may also want to place markers after each edge st. Though this pattern is a very straight forward process, markers will help you remember where to increase as you barrel swiftly through a knit row. (Never be marker proud.)
b)This project is a great one for interchangeable needles, as you can start on a shorter cable and then lengthen it as your shawl grows.
c) This thought has little to do with the execution of this shawl: I love seeing all the beautiful colors of the yarn formed into sts that are all lined up and squished up on the needle.
d) This yarn is a perfect candidate for a spit splice, helping you to diminish the number of ends that you have to weave in at the end.
e)As I had more yardage than the shawl worked in the pattern, I was able to increase to 75 body sts each side (153 sts total).
f)The bind off described in the pattern, the Flexible bind off, is a really nice BO. I wanted to jazz it up so I followed a yarn over bind off that I memorized from helping many people finish off their Peace Shawls. It mimics the simple lace that we established in the border. (At least, I think that I remember it to be as follows.) This bind off is the only part of this project that you need to work in a quiet place. For this shawl, work as follows: K1, YO, BO K1 over the YO, *K2tog, BO, YO, BO, repeat from * until one st before the center st., **K1, BO, YO, BO, repeat from ** 2 more times, ***SSK, BO, YO, BO, repeat from*** until last st., K1 and BO last st. Cut a tail and pass it through the last loop.
g)On blocking, I just steam blocked the lace edges, meaning that I laid it across my ironing board and gave it shot of steam from my iron. (Don't let the iron touch your work, just let it hover above.)
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