Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 16 of 52: Small Lace Bag

This project, Tsuki's Small Lace Bag, is the fastest project of the week so far. As this little green treasure poured off my needles, I was imagining making them to hold precious little presents this holiday season.I was also thinking of making a team of them to hold all the silly things that litter the interior of my purse. I really enjoyed working in Berroco's Bonsai, savoring the rich density of the stockinette stitches on the back side of the bag and enjoying the sheen of the yarn showed off in this leaf motif. If you enjoy this easy lace motif, which is kindly shared in both chart and written formats, then you should also make the lovely fingerless gloves also by this designer.
Week of September 16 to September 29:
Project: Small Lace Bag by Tsuki
Yarn: 1 hank of Berroco Bonsai (77 yds/50g)
Needles: US 7/4.5mm
Knitting Plan:
This little sweety is such a speedy knit.
Night 1- CO and work 2 repeats of the lace pattern.
Night 2 - Work 3rd repeat of lace pattern, top border, and BO.
a) This pattern gives you options to knit it in the round or to knit it flat. I chose to knit it in the round.
b) For the knitting in the round option, it calls for a provisional cast on. I decided to do a regular cast on and picked up around the perimeter as for this project.
c) There is plenty of yarn to make an i-cord drawstring, maybe with little leaves at the ends. I used ribbon in the interest of speed.

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P.S. If this idea really lights you up, then you can also join a ravelry group here.

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