Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Week 26 of 52: Anne's Mystery, Clue 2

All caught up?

Today is when I think the really good part comes along. I love stranding (you may know it better as fair isle). One of the elements of stranding that I find truly delicious is corrugated ribbing. You knit 1 with A and purl 1 with B. It is so pretty.

As you strand, you float the yarn behind your work when you pick it up to work again. Make sure that your floats have a little Mona Lisa smile. Also, this technique makes it very handy to know how to both work in a Continental(picking) and English(throwing) knitting style. Each hand gets a color.

If you are a little intimidated by this technique, then you might want to join us on Wednesday evening for the Fake Isle, Intro to Stranding class (6-9 pm). We are making these hats -

Setup Round: *With A K1, with B K1, repeat from * around.
Corrugated Ribbing: Repeat the following round 7 times - *with A K1, with B P1, repeat from * around.

This ribbing has a great look on both sides, the distinctive vertical stripe on the right side and an almost woven look on the wrong side.

Gauge is not terribly important in this project but if you would like a guideline idea, my gauge is 5sts/in in the stranded section.
Now, hang out and knit on something else until tomorrow. :)

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