Monday, December 3, 2012

Countdown to Knitmas - Day 3!

Three days down and a mere 21 to go!

My next Knitmas treat is another tip. I want to remind you of two very helpful metric to standard conversions that we use regularly around our knitting. It seems that we might not be switching to metric any time soon, as my teacher's and my mom's teacher's promised us.

1) Centimeters to Inches -
This conversion is one that I can easily remember from elementary school.
Multiply the centimeters times 2.54 to learn what the measurement in inches will be.
*However, handy as this morsel of knowledge may be - I recommend getting a measuring tape with both centimeters and inches so that you are not plagued with strange decimal points that are not easily converted into the language of inches (1/4 or 7/8, etc.).

2) Meters to Yardage
Many of our favorite yarn brands list only the number of meters in a ball or a hank. You can quickly convert this measurement into yards by adding 10% of the number back into itself, or even speedier, multiplying it by 1.1.

For examples, we have a Debbie Bliss yarn and a Noro yarn pictured. The Debbie Bliss states that it contains 125 m/50 g, so it contains about 137 yds/50 g; and the Noro states that it has 100 m/50 g, so it contains about 110 yds/ 50 g.

Easy Peasy!
Happy Needling!

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