Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Countdown to Knitmas: Day 4!

Day 4! If you are like me, you are knitting away on gifts like crazy. I seem to knit more this time of year than any other (and that's really saying something)!

If you are spending a good amount of time with needles in your hand, you might notice your hands getting tired, and when that happens, you loose speed! Here are a few hand stretches you can do to limber up before a long knitting or crochet session.
(These stretches come from the Berroco website. Original source here.)

Hand Massage
With the thumb of the left hand, massage the palm of the right hand. At the same time, wrap the fingers of the left hand round the outside of the right hand and massage. Massage for one minute. Repeat with opposite hand.

Clench and Fan
Clench your hand into a tight fist and hold for five seconds. Release smoothly, extending the thumb and fingers into a fully stretched position and hold for five seconds. Repeat five times for each hand.

Thumb Stretch
With the left hand, gently pull the thumb of the right hand away from the thumb and down toward the forearm. Hold for five seconds. You should feel the stretch in the base of the thumb, palm side. Repeat for the left thumb. Five repetitions, alternate thumbs.

Wrist Stretch
Hold the right hand in front of the body, palm facing out, fingertips up, fingers together. With the left hand, grasp the right hand's outstretched fingers and gently pull the fingers back toward the body. Hold for five seconds. You should feel the stretch in the wrist area. Repeat for the left wrist. Five repetitions, alternative wrists.

Wrist Circles
With hands in front of the body and elbows held at a comfortable angle, gently rotate the wrists. Five repetitions in each direction. Good work! Now you're ready to Craft in Comfort!

Happy Holiday Crafting, see you on Thursday!

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