Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Countdown to Knitmas: Day 10!

Do you suffer from a sore right finger tip during some knitting sessions? It is likely that you are pushing the stitches up on the left needle by pushing the tip into your right finger pad. Ouch! I fall into this habit sometimes, especially if I am knitting on something at a slightly tighter gauge than the yarn usual works at (like socks or a toy) or something large and heavy (like a blanket or a Swirl sweater). So, this year, I have really worked on adopting this tip from the TECHKNITTER's blog. Check out that link for some more in  depth info and other great tips.

When you go to stabilize the left needle so that you can advance stitches toward the tip of the left needle, simply pinch the left tip with your right fingers, rather than stabbing it into your poor little finger. The pinch is all it takes to save a lot of pain.

Another piece of advice is meant to protect your circular needle at its join. When you are pushing stitches from the end of the right needle around the cable, hold on below the join and pull away after grabbing on there. This move is instead of just holding on to the right needle tip and pushing the bulk around. That move pulls on the joint. My way, you are protecting the joint and the life of your needle. I think of it like when you are trying to brush a tangle out of your hair, it hurts a lot less if you protect the root from being pulled straight down.
Grab on with your left hand here and, then, push the stitches from right to the left end.

Happy Holiday Needling,

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Pam said...

Great tip! I am learning continental from you now -- but it was a habit as a thrower I was definitely doing. I'll try to remember this as I go back to throwing! (If I do. . .)