Monday, December 16, 2013

Countdown to Knitmas: Day 16!

Today and in the following few days, we are going to point you to a parade of really quick and cute gifts that you can easily knock out in the remaining days before Christmas arrives.

First, I want to share the Twisty Rolly Headband by Sara Dudek. Using ewe ewe Worsted, I am whipping these cuties up in many colors. They are done lickety split, fast enough that I may be able to sneak in a couple for myself. I keep daydreaming about wearing it while I am trying to do yoga and being saved from those little flyaway hairs that tickle my nose.

The pattern is a quick little recipe which she enriches with a blog entry and a pdf with pictures and tips, in addition to the pattern.

The gauge on the original is 3.5 sts/inch. My gauge was closer to 4sts/inch, so I cast on 72 sts rather than 65 sts. My finished headband measured about 18 inches unstretched, making for a snug fit on my 22 inch head.

The hardest part about this project was making myself put in a twist before beginning knitting. On a couple, I got a few rounds in before I realized that I had carefully untwisted everything as I joined in the round, as I always do. Rippit, rippit, I frogged back and would begin again with a twist.

This method of putting in a twist is not a true moebius, creating a double twist rather that the cool single that true moebius sports. However, it requires no tricky cast on and gets the job done.

Sara's Ravelry Designer profile led me to check out a really cool company - Krochet Kids International. They are working to empower handcrafters in Uganda. Each item is handmade and signed by the artist. So, if you still have a long list and little time to make for all of those on that list, then you might find some treasure to order from there. I found the pricing really reasonable for the high quality of work and the great styles.

Happy Holiday Needling,

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