Sunday, December 22, 2013

Countdown to Knitmas: Day 22!

A little while ago, a great knitter named Carol showed me a cool thing that she keeps in her project bag. It made me think of the cool toys that James Bond (or Maxwell Smart) would have hidden within unassuming everyday items like a cigarette rocket (or a shoe phone).

So C's trick for 00K(nitter) is to take a simple ballpoint pen with a cap and remove its insides; replace the pen workings with a thin crochet hook and a tapestry needle. Now, you are armed to fix drop stitches, insert a life line, and weave in your ends AND you have wrangled some illusive and important tools. I was thinking that this use would be a good one for keepsake pens from your favorite vacation spot, mechanic, etc.

Happy Holiday Needling,

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