Friday, December 6, 2013

Countdown to Knitmas: Day 6!

Wooo! Tomorrow is our annual Holiday Party! This day is one of my favorites all year long. We have a potluck, a drive for Food Share (both food and/or money are beyond welcome), and, of course, camaraderie and tons of fun. There are more details about all theses features at the top of our events page. Last year, we added a homemade ornament exchange. Some people made things that were yarn inspired and some included other crafts; it was fun to see what festive items people made to share. I have been collecting ideas on for since last December. Here is a link to my board and, from there, as you fall down the rabbit hole, you can find lots of fun ideas. If you want to be a purist as far as keeping it in the fiber arts, you should do a pattern search on

Here are some of my favorites by searching just on
1. (what I made last year) Wreath Christmas Ornament
2. (what I won last year, or similar) Yarn Basket Ornament
3. Snowman Diorama Ornament
4. Christmas One (a collection of cuties)
Lois won Terry's last year.

A pretty handmade one by Lois

This one always delights me when I put it on the tree.

Happy Holiday Needling,

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cheryl Ruiz said...

The snowman diorama is one of my favorites too!