Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Countdown to Knitmas: Day 10

We are all rushing to finish our holiday knits as the days fly by. With speed, problems can arise. We love the chance to set a yarn problem straight. Sometimes, you bring us easy problems that we quickly fix. Sometimes, you bring us problems that take a little head scratching and strategy making. Sometimes, you bring us problems that we recommend you look away while we conduct knitting surgery.

I had an instance while knitting my Hitofude Sweater that required some intensive knitting surgery. I had knitted to where the yarn was so thin that it was certain to break any second, and, then, I didn't notice that perilous state until I was about six rows above it. I tried a couple of things before admitting that I need to drop down those six rows, break the yarn at the thin spot, and reknit the effected stitches with some good yarn. I executed this surgery in a quiet spot with no one around, my full attention available to this fix. It went swimmingly; the ends from the thin spot dangled and the new yarn lengthy reworked back into the stitch pattern. All four ends were woven in safe and sound and no one would know if I were not revealing this happening to you now.

The broken yarn

The stitches post drop and reknit with new yarn

Healed, no scars

If you wold like to know more about serious knitting surgery, you can learn more From Romi Hil at her beautiful blog in this post.

Happy Needling,

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