Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Countdown to Knitmas - Day 17

If you like are like me, you have your smart phone on hand all the time. Today I want to share with you how to put your phone to good use, and we'll see how it can help your with your knitting and crocheting.

iOS Apps

Knit Counter Lite

"Knit Counter Lite allows you to create as many counters as you like and all counters are highly customizable. You can choose the name, the starting value and even link counters together, so one counter increments another. There's also an info screen for noting down the pattern name, yarn and needles used, or any other information related to the project."

Knit Companion

"Are you flipping around your pattern to find the info you need? Is your key on page 3 and instructions on page 10? To knit a row are you following multiple instructions spread across pages, or split between charts and written instructions? Are your charts split up so you have to track your row on several separate charts at once? Do you have scribbles and hash marks on scraps, in notebooks, or scattered across your PDF reader and several other counters?

knitCompanion® solves these challenges making it easy to follow the simplest to most complex patterns easily. NO MORE FLIPPING! Keys, Counters, Reminders and other critical information is at your fingertips at all times, no matter what part of the pattern you are knitting from."


"Yarma is a camera app with a direct interface to Ravelry - the largest on-line knitting & crochet community. Take pictures, apply filters to finesse your image and upload direct to a Ravelry project or your Ravelry stash. Additionally, pictures can be saved to your film roll or uploaded to Flickr. Yarma makes it simple to take great photos of your latest work in progress or finished project and share with your Ravelry friends."

Gaugefy Free (Also available on Google Play!)

"Calculate your knitting/crochet gauge with Gaugefy! 

Gaugefy helps you calculate your gauge easily. It also helps you:
★Adjust your gauge - for the pattern you are working with
★Calculate your end goals - 
- How many stitches will you need to get 10 inches with your gauge? 
- How wide/long will it be when you work x stitches and y rows? 
- How many repeats do you need to get certain length or number of stitches? 

Gaugefy helps you with it all."

Google Play Apps

"Knitting and Crochet Buddy (Knitting Buddy) is an all-in-one knitting and crochet project tracker that allows you to track multiple knitting or crochet projects. Knitting Buddy has a row counter, repeat counter, project timer, notes pages, ruler, a flashlight, and it even displays your knitting pattern on the row counter page (great for lace)! This app was originally developed for knitting, but those who crochet will also find it quite useful.
Knitting Buddy isn't your standard knitting row counter -- it is a true knitting and crochet project tracker."

"Create knitting charts on your phone or tablet easily! Knitting Chart Maker makes creating charts simple with an intuitive interface. With over 30 stitch symbols and cable sizes, you'll be able to create the chart you want. 
Multiple rows and columns are easy when you create a new chart. You can add a description as well as notes about the project."

"KnitCards allows you to store information about your knitting projects in an easy to use visual form. Project info includes project source, stage of completion, yarn info, needle size as well as a pattern file, notes and photos of your projects. You can view projects by stage and sort them by name or recency. KnitCards is also testing out a needle gauge to help you estimate your needle size."

"Knit Tink is a stylish knit and crochet row tracker, created by a yarn lover, for yarn lovers.
In it's current version you can:
* Create Projects
* Track your Tools
* Track your Yarn
* Track Rows and Repeats
* Reset Counters
* Edit your Projects"

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