Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Countdown to Knitmas: Day 16

Here is my favorite gift giving tip. I may have shared it in the past but it bears repeating.

When you package up a dear handmade fiber item, you may consider including these three things -
1. A bit of the left over yarn in case of repairs needed (in the far off future when they have loved it to pieces)
2. One of the ball bands or tags; it holds tons of useful info like care and fiber content
3.And, perhaps, most helpful, a small container of rinse optional wool wash; this inclusion is a really clear and kind message about the special care that a handmade yarny item should receive and it demonstrates how simple that care is. Basically, soak and lay flat to dry.

I choose by scent and this Lavender seems like a good, calm fit for the intended recipient. This little bottle of Kookaburra only increased my gift cost by $2.50, pretty cheap insurance policy. For a bit more, we also have slightly bigger little bottles of Eucalan brand.

Happy Needling,