Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Countdown to Knitmas - Day 23

When I was a kid, we always had a pickle-shaped ornament on our Christmas Tree. My mom always hid one on our tree on Christmas eve, and you may be asking "Why the heck would your put a pickle on your tree? What does that have to do with Christmas?"

If you haven't heard the tradition of the Christmas Pickle - basically it's the last ornament hung on the tree the night before. The first child to find it when they wake up Christmas Morning gets an extra present! I was always to excited Christmas morning to remember to look for the Pickle, and my sister always made it her mission to find it first thing!

I always thought it was a fun and funny tradition, and as I was browsing Ravelry I found a few patterns for Pickle Ornaments! They are probably really fast to work up, so if you have time before tomorrow night, whip one of these up and surprise some little ones in your family!

Crocheted Pickle Ornament:

Knitted Pickle Ornament:

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