Thursday, December 18, 2014

Countdown to Knitmas: Day 18

This time of year is hopefully filled with friends and family and warmth of the love sent and received. During that mix, we might encounter dear ones who don't totally understand why there is always yarn in your hand and hook or needles working away. It is likely that they will never really get it until they are lured in to try it themselves. Then, they can truly understand that these yarny arts are about so much more than making cuddly fabric. They will see the comfort and meditative properties of this work. They will find the shared joy and instant/lasting connections that can be made with fellow practitioners.They will feel the accomplishment of working on a task that stays done once it is done (unlike dishes, laundry, TPS reports, etc.). They won't really get it till they try it, so please don't worry about trying to explain it too much. The air of mystery may lead more of them to our flock.

In the current issue of POMPOM, there is a really beautiful story of how knitting literally saved the author's life. I could really see the truth of that story. Last I checked, there were a few copies on the table.

On a lighter note, here is a Buzzfeed list made for those of us who understand.
Live on the edge.
Shut your mouth, you cute cartoon you. ;)
Happy Needling,

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Annette said...

Cute cartoon. It's really too bad that some people haven't discovered the zen of knitting and other fibery arts.