Thursday, December 4, 2014

Countdown to Knitmas: Day 4

On my search for new quick delights, I came across Pencil Sleeves by Yasmin Gamal.

(image taken from project page on
I think that they are a really cute and really useful. Let me count the ways -
1. They use up little bits of yarn.
2. They can bring some yarny comfort to you careful note taking.
3. They can beef up the handle on a crochet hook.
4. They would make great organizers for sets of DPNS or straight needles.
AND, most importantly,
5. They make great gifts.

(image taken from project page on
I really like the original designer's concept but I have one tweak. Rather than casting on 12 sts and dividing it onto 3 needles. One could CO 11 sts and work an i-cord. A ladder develops when you make such a wide i-cord, so, you use a crochet hook to pick up the ladder as if it were a column of dropped stitches.

While I was checking out the Pencil Sleeve pattern, I found some other cool pencil case projects that have more than one use.
1. Pencil Holder (knit) by Lily/Sugar 'n Cream 
2. Pencil Purse by Tracy Henwood

Happy Needling,

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Annette said...

Cool. I'll have to try this.