Friday, December 19, 2014

Countdown to Knitmas - Day 19

Knit your mood, knit the sky, knit the temperature, and end up with a cool scarf by the end of the year! These are a couple year-long projects that I am really inspired by that I want to share with you all today.

The concept is simple. Each day you knit 2 rows on a scarf in a color that corresponds to something about your day. The first is the mood scarf:

Choose 4 colors of yarn, and assign each a mood. Then, knit 2 rows on your scarf each day in the color that corresponds to your mood. Your could pick blue for happy, green for calm, red for stressed, yellow for angry, and so on. The possibilities are endless!

The Sky Scarf:

These rows correspond to the color of the sky each day. If you live in southern California, I'm guessing your scarf will end up mostly clear blue, with a couple grey stripes thrown in! :)

The last is the Temperature Scarf:

This scarf is my favorite of all three concepts! You assign multiple colors to different temperature ranges, then knit the corresponding color each day!

You could use these same ideas to make other projects as well. Check out this cool blanket pattern! With the New Year rolling around soon, this may be a fun project to start as you watch the Rose Parade!

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Annette said...

What a clever idea.