Saturday, December 10, 2011

Countdown to Knitmas: Day 10!

More on speedy gifts - the craze for beautiful ruffled scarves may or may not be news to you. We have accumulated quite a selection of stunning ribbons that are cleverly and easily worked into impressive scarves.

Pictured above(clockwise from the top): Berroco Link, Berroco Lacey, Flounce, Katia Ronda, Triana Lux, Rowan Kidsilk Creation, Katia Ondos

Pictured above(left to right): Triana, Ronda, Link, Lacey, Kidsilk Creation; (top) more Lacey, (bottom) Flounce.

Oh, you say that you have already made a dozen of these as scarves in their many textures? Well, did you try Karin's lovely Kelp Forest Shawlette? Using 2 balls of Triana, it spirals out from the center to create a ruffling, circular shawl. She has a wonderful tutorial that is useful for making that shawl, but also as a good refresher on how this interesting yarn works in general. Youtube has many other tutorials to offer on the basic scarf, as well. With the exception of Link (which you just knit normally with), they all work pretty much the same way as Triana.

Happy Holiday Needling,

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