Sunday, December 4, 2011

Countdown to Knitmas: Day 4!

I have a favorite new trick. You may recall my suggesting various ways to corral your yarn back in week 4 of 52. Well, when one of our dear customers, Nancy, saw my solutions she laughed and shared a way better idea.
The items in the center and to the right are the case and spindle from writable bulk cds. She brought me tons and I hoarded plenty while sharing the good fortune with as many as I could. It is a very clever and light weight solution to keep a wild ball of yarn in line. It is surprisingly portable and the ball stays well preserved if you have a lid to go with the set up. 

Still wary of how long I can go without breaking it, I am also enjoying using a pretty bowl that I found while thrift shopping, pictured to the left. It is nice to have both of them cradling my yarns that are coming together to create another monochromatic version of last week's mystery cowl/scarf.

For a posher option and a great gift for your fellow fiber person, we have a couple of really lovely yarn ball holders - pictured left to right from Lantern Moon and Chic-a. These holders are such beauties and take good care of your yarn both in and out of the project bag.

Happy Holiday Needling,

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