Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Countdown to Knitmas: Day 20!

Last year, I shared some of my holiday movie viewing. This year I want to share some holiday listening/viewing, aka some Youtube carol videos. I became a little addicted to listening to these videos as my needles click away when I stumbled onto this forum post on the Rav.
Then, on NPR, they reported about the success of this independent video by Sean Quigley. It sounds even better directly from Youtube and the video is kinda pretty. The drummer boy did the whole thing from filming to playing all he instruments that you hear.

While I was looking for the link to the above video, I found this version of the same song by the Cranberries (which I love to listen to as a band and I really love to eat as a berry).

Then, I found these that are favorites of Kevin's:

If you follow the first link and these additions, you'll have some Tuesday holiday cheer in no time!

Happy Holiday Needling,

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Elisa said...

Kevin has excellent taste. Love his choices.