Saturday, December 24, 2011

Countdown to Knitmas: Day 24!

I hope that all of your holiday preparations are ready, because, for those of us who celebrate Christmas out of the myriad of wonderful holidays to be had during December, time is up!!! If you need to run in for a last minute yarn fix, Lois will be manning the shop until 2 pm.

I thought that sharing this video that Terry first shared with me would be a good way to wrap up our Knitmas Countdown this year. I think that it might be a fun link to share with anyone to whom you might be gifting  a scarf or shawl.

My favorites are:
1. The Waterfall
2. The Magic Trick
3. The Fake Knot
4. The Braid
5. Twist and Pull

Happy Holiday Needling,

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